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This was the Superstar Reformer that Romana gave to a select few of her students—the order of the workout was written on a Gold Card. Many of the exercises and variations here are advised only for those who work at a Super Advanced level but even simply watching this inspiring demonstration will show you how far the work can go. Some of the rarely seen exercises here include: Side sit ups with Leg Extended, Long Stretch w/No Springs, One-Leg Elephant w/Front Dip, Stomach Massage w/Arms Back Hands Clasped, Headstands, Semi-Circle Bar Up, Thigh Stretch Backbend, Twist w/Bar Up No Springs, Grasshopper, Knee Stretches w/Kicks, Star, Big Splits (aka Grande Splits), Gondola, High Bridge 2 Springs, and Russian Squats. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. Dinmanfit 2 days ago

    I just can’t get enough of this one!

  2. Gina Papalia
    Gina Papalia 7 months ago

    What a great workout Kathi! The way I like it to do it – everything in there, clean transitions and controlled!
    When you “made “ me do the twist on high bar w no springs!!! You got me!! I love a challenge! So many moments reminded me of the good old days of working w Romana! The side bends with the one leg up!! Forgot that one on the reformer- I do it on the ladder barrel. But remember now doing it w Kathy Buccelloato and Libby back in the day! Loved the arms on the full front spilt, when you went from the full spilt hands on the frame then back and up with them as you transitioned up. Definitely helps with the transition of the bodies weight rising up. I usually go forward and up and also go into a back bend with the rise. Taught to me by Romana. Michael great job as well! (Although did you hear me yell at you when you straddled the reformer 😂)
    So much fun! Loved the front beats on the jump board- so Romana! ❤️❤️❤️ I was alone , so thanks to my hubby for spotting me for the high bridge!
    Kathi we need to get together next time you are in NYC for a workout hangout for sure!
    That was fab! Xx

  3. Obenaus
    Obenaus 2 years ago

    Wow, that seems to be a lot of fun 🙂 another 10 years to go for me haha…. thank you so much! I like your energy! Greetings from Austria!

  4. GabiMFidelis 2 years ago

    This is SO amazing and inspirational to watch!

    Can’t wait to meet you at your workshop in Brazil next month Kathi! ❤️

  5. pjennings 3 years ago


  6. Jon Hawkins

    I have a question about Stomach Massage 2. My teacher has been encouraging me forward towards the edge of the carriage and its horrible but I love it (you know!) as the only thing you can do is lift. In the second stomach massage I take it the arms are lifted behind you not so much as a challenge but because you simply can not reach that far back to the shoulder blocks when you are that far forward on the carriage without rounding the lower back so much you lose all the lift and therefore one of the goals of the exercise?

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      As I was taught by all of my first generation teachers , he goal was tailbone off the edge for both stomach massage and teaser on the long box. This oppositional curve is seen th ightout the work. Look at the thread of the massage series. Stomach massage hands back and the knees stretches are the same exercise. Th baiting on the heels with th chest open has been lost. Do you remember Blowsoms position? It is also the same from rolling like a balls progression to open leg rocker- round to round lower back and open chest. I think this new straight thing is a right against the sinking we see in the rounding as appossed to a lift

      • Jon Hawkins

        Thank you. As always helping me to see the bigger picture. I do remember Blossom’s position and the air turning blue when I pointed out her spring setting was a little off!

  7. Holly Quaglia Wells 3 years ago

    My favorite workout yet!!! Thank you, Kathi!

  8. Jon Hawkins

    Oh my goodness! Watched this for inspiration and to see some stunning Pilates and you both more than delivered. Will not be trying many of these until my teacher introduces them for me but its so useful to see the full expression of these exercises and the super advanced ones. In awe of both of you!

  9. Gina Jackson 4 years ago

    Loved this! My intended #SystemPractice for March 2017. Especially loved and appreciated Michael for the occasional comic relief. Much respect to both of you.

  10. Dinmanfit 5 years ago

    Hi Kathi! We met at the Masters Rock the Rockies in Colorado…2010 maybe? Loved you there and love you here! So glad I can take your classes here!

  11. carmen
    carmen 7 years ago

    Thank you Kathi for sharing this about the reformer. I really studied your position (setup) on the reformer and it has helped immensely with the super advanced moves that I’ve been practicing. So again, thank you for sharing.

    P.S. your comment at 25:00 mark is spot on — you are twenty if your spine is supple! Ha!

  12. FrankZito
    FrankZito 8 years ago

    When Pilates becomes an Olympic sport, I think we have found our gold medalists! Bravo!

  13. dptt 8 years ago

    Kathy, you’re a beast! xo- Dead Bug

  14. LKVB 8 years ago

    circle? Please. Insane!!! love it!!

  15. Andrea Maida
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    Ok, that was awesome. And just when I thought I had seen your every trick, you nailed it with the long straps returning to their home position. What a deft piece of Pilates business that was! You and Michael are unstoppable. Wish me luck that I don’t shatter the mirrors in my studio when I try that thing with the straps – or just with my High Bridge – LOL. glad this is occurring to me NOW, actually…love you both 🙂

  16. carmenkenig 8 years ago

    Kathi, you are such an inspiration and so beautiful to watch. Thank you for this video

  17. Ynowak 8 years ago

    Just beautiful watching both of you. Totally inspiring!

  18. ladyjane 8 years ago

    Brilliant!!! Great energy!!! Well done Michael,keeping up with’ superwoman’ kathi!!

  19. joelcrosby

    Loved it! Very inspirational Kathy. I always like the little bits of historical information you add in to the workouts. Thank for sharing your knowledge.

  20. joesmat 8 years ago

    Mr Johnson – Outstanding piece of work.

    May I ask Kathi a few questions please – again!
    1. Who were the six Teachers given this prestigious GOLD CARD REFORMER award by Romana in 2001?
    2. The inspiration I took from this was that much can be taken to the Mat…True/False?

    Thank you for sharing this work.

  21. lghammerle

    Kathi, I have never tried those Big Splits, can you teach me please? They looked like so much fun! And P.S….those single leg Russian squats, don’t worry about teaching me those, I’ll practice on my own. 🙂

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