Faulty Movement Patterns: The Bottom Gripper

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In this workshop, Maria will teach you how to assess if your client is having a posture faulty movement pattern referred to as the Bottom Gripper.  Your client will usually have symptoms such as back pain, tightness in the buttocks, hamstrings or calves, or hip issues. After her tips for assessment, Maria demonstrates a series of cues and exercises aimed at releasing this pattern and restoring the proper recruitment of the muscles in the seat. You'll also learn exercises for strengthening the weakened muscles of the arches and hip that clients can practice as homework and in the studio. Maria is a Physical Therapist as well as a Romana's Pilates Trained Instructor. For more information please visit her at Inner Core Wellness.  

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  1. Joao.gsv.oliveira 2 years ago

    That was a great workshop. High technical level, yet simple and practical.

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