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Double the magic in your workout with Kathryn Ross Nash! With 2 magic circles and Kathi in charge you’re in for a crazy-hard workout that will challenge your body to the max. Trust us, for days after you will feel more connected and in control of your movement. Note: Kathi uses a smaller circle between the hands, you can use a regular circle. Both sizes are available in our store. Our thanks to Kathi’s students Elvy Perez Zorich, Katie Yip and Jessica Marcussen. For info on training with Kathi visit:

What Others Are Saying


  1. Lucy McBride 3 months ago

    How can something so small be so evil! Feel great now though! Thanks kathi xx

  2. Jenni 11 months ago

    Awesome Kathy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    WOW!!! LOVE IT!!! thank you for enchanting my path!!!

  4. Elvy Perez Zorich

    Ahhh !! That was a challenging workout. Watch my modifications because I had a bit of a tight back and recovering elbow but gladly was able to do most of it 🙂 That flip!! She’s a powerhouse!!!

  5. ladyjane 1 year ago

    WOW! Just WOW! You are in such great shape Kathi………….you look AMAZING! ABSOLUTLY FABULOUS!
    well done girls too! I just watched today ,I am inspired to give this a go through the week. killer workout!

  6. ewapilates
    ewapilates 1 year ago

    It is so great to have One and Only KRN here again! THANK YOU. With respect to the magic circles that you have in stock … what do I do , in Poland, to order them…? Jack, would you please drop me a line on this? I have been looking for GRATZ circles for awhile and they seemed to be unavailable in Europe; can I order them with You; I am so anxious to hear from you. This workout made it clear to me that I needed them so badly!!!!!!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi ewapilates! The magic circles Kathi is using are made by Balanced Body and I’m sure they will ship them to you in Poland. Here’s the link to our store–there are 3 of them with the metal bands–2 band resistance, 3 band resistance and 4 band resistance. From personal experience the 4 band resistance is brutal so I would suggest starting with 2 or 3 band resistance.

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