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Coffee with Jay Part 5

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In this ongoing series, Jay Grimes answers questions from Pilates Instructors and enthusiasts about his years as a student and teacher in Joe Pilates’ original Studio for Body Contrology on 8th Avenue in New York City. You can visit Jay’s own studio for his teaching and workshop schedule at: Vintage Pilates.

Alisa and Jay continue their discussion about the history of Pilates. Some questions answered include: What does Jay think about the archival materials that the majority of PIlates teachers will never get a chance to study? Would you consider the Reformer on the Mat classical? Have you written down any of your memories or thoughts and experiences? Is there a memoir you are working on? Is there only one way to do Pilates and if so are all the First Generation teachers equal?  

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  1. whitelions
    whitelions 6 years ago

    Alisa and Jack
    The vidoe only runs for a while then it stops…… it goes only for 8mns
    it is so itneresting…..

  2. LJPilates

    Alisa, you’ve done such a fabulous job with this series and with this site. Thank you!!

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern
    Luz Alejandra Lovern 6 years ago

    Thanks to Alisa and Mr. Jay Grimes; is remarkable to hear about Mr. Pilates from the real and honest perspective. He have great energy, experience, great teacher method and nice smile.

    And Yes! Pilates have tremendous respect for Spine Doctors, I can tell for my own experience that Pilates Method bring me back step by step. In my own Studio here in Qatar 16 month I was facing pain, fears, lack of mobility. Training my self and start over all over again. And using my own energy and the Pilates Method. Just month ago I have great feed back from Doctors. And Yes Pilates Method Works!

    So let move!

    Sending love an flight from Qatar,


  4. joesmat 6 years ago

    I really appreciated hearing Jay’s explanation for the following exercises.
    1. Rolling Like a Ball. Alisa looked a little surprised when Jay explained his preferred and correct hand positioning, with the hands on the shins above the ankle, as opposed to grabbing the wrist and curling into a tight ball. I have been practicing it a lot more recently with hands on the shins, and found it gives me more connectedness and “control” of the exercise.
    2. Leg Pull – Plank position, particularly his explanation and reasoning to feel the connection of the “stretch into your heel”. Thank you.
    3. Scissors & Bicycle plus the Shoulder Bridge. Thank you for describing the proper hand positioning Jay for these exercises. Once again something I have often puzzled about for a long time.
    4. Kneeling Side Kick: I have come across many variations of the hand positioning at the head with the top arm/hand. I therefore appreciated and liked how Alisa produced the photograph showing Mr Pilates top arm and hand positioning, which Jay confirmed was the correct way.
    Jay’s explanation for this preference, in that it gives such a good stretch up the side body, and control of ones support and balance was excellent.
    So important to my mind, was Alisa actually showing the hand positioning for all the above mentioned exercises, and I personally, am very grateful to her for doing so.
    Jay truly represents the genuine Pilates Practice.
    Thank you indeed for sharing this knowledge.

  5. presspaws

    Omg, I wasn’t expecting my name to be literally the first thing mentioned when I started to play this, had totally forgotten I had submitted that question! Some great questions from Martin though 🙂

  6. Mary
    Mary 6 years ago

    I really (really) enjoy these coffee sessions. He broke my heart with his dismissal of reformer on the mat, but still I appreciate Jay’s perspective. I might ask him to arm wrestle w/ me on this issue some day, but for now we are good.

  7. Lynn Pringle 6 years ago

    Just love coffee time with Jay. It’s so wonderful to hear his points of view about the Pilates world. Informative and always interesting. Thanks for offering this up to everyone.

  8. Martin 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I never expected my email word vomit to be worthy of nearly an entire episode of Coffee with Jay! Thank you both so much for taking so much time and care to answer so much (I know a lot of it was nit-picky, but I love getting the details right)! Please pass along my thanks to Jay. You are both so wonderful and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come out and study with you two. It would be an honor! 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Martin you are a font of fabulous questions! We look forward to the day that you’re in the ‘house’ to ask them in person.

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