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In this ongoing series, Jay Grimes answers questions from Pilates Instructors and enthusiasts about his years as a student and teacher in Joe Pilates' original Studio for Body Contrology on 8th Avenue in New York City. You can visit Jay's own studio for his teaching and workshop schedule at: Vintage Pilates.  Check out the other parts to this interview: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. CLICK the Chapters Menu (upper right corner of the video player) to click ahead to topics in this video. Topics covered here include: 1 min: How Jay came to Pilates initially. His first lesson. What you wore in the studio. 4:50 min: How often Joe wanted you to practice. 9:00 min: How the studio was run based on independence. Sequence was important and at end you would work on your specific imbalances. 13:35 min: You have to get out of your comfort zone to see change. 14:30 min: Jay clarifies about old home videos and specific exercises like Neck Pull. 19:22 min: Importance of John Winters in Jay's life and his eye for detail. 23:00 min: Clara's life and Joe's passing. Romana and John Winters kept method alive. 26:37 min: The mysterious Hannah. 28:00 min: Moving the studio after Joe's death.

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  1. Pilatesplaty 2 years ago

    Thank you Jay and Alisa. Wonderful to hear Jay’s recollections. You painted very vivid pictures for me.

  2. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Alisa, what a dress! You look gorgeous; it cannot be unnoticed by a woman 🙂 As for what Jay says … his sense of humour, detailed memory and his natural, personal charm make it all an amazing piece of knowledge! THANK you BOTH Very much:) Now I am jumping to partII and III:)

  3. nicoletta

    ….amo quest uomo!Grazie di esistere jay!

  4. Alisa Wyatt

    Hi Everyone, In case you haven’t seen it yet, Part 2 is now up! Thank you for watching, we hope to do many more.

  5. Femke 8 years ago

    LOVED watching this, thanks so much for sharing – can’t wait to see the next part!

  6. healthyone 8 years ago

    What a wonderful wonderful interview!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  7. joesmat 8 years ago

    This is so special and so very interesting. I loved the explanation about Neck Pull. Thank you indeed Mr Grimes for sharing the history about the Original Studio and thereafter, and likewise thank you Alisa – so gracious.

    MARYLYON 8 years ago

    What better day than Thanksgiving to have coffee with Jay. I so appreciate listening about the original work of such a gifted healer . Excellent interview Alisa. You asked all the questions we would have asked ourselves It’s always an honor to learn from Jay.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both. (Also Alisa, very cute dress!!!!)
    Mary Lyon, The Pilates Core Chicago

  9. arlene
    arlene 8 years ago

    Coffee talk. Wow, these details are such an important part of understanding the work more deeply- history to ponder and to respect as we practice and teach.Thank you so much Alisa. And Jay!

  10. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 8 years ago

    Thank you both so much!

  11. Andrea Maida
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    It’s a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to watch part 2…:) Really loved it.

  12. Martin 8 years ago

    This is fabulous! Alisa and Jay–you two could not be more divine. Thank you for being so candid and for making this possible. It means so much to those of us passionate about the original work and it will be invaluable to coming generations.

  13. lghammerle

    Thank you for sharing! It is great to learn all this Pilates history. Looking forward to the next coffee break!

  14. presspaws
    presspaws 8 years ago

    Fabulous! So looking forward to part 2! Thank you for this wonderful interview and for your wonderful site 🙂

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