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Cary Regan on Pilates Part 1 of 3

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Meet the amazing Cary Regan, one of Romana' original 8 teacher trainers and a hidden gem in the Pilates world. Listening to her stories is like opening a window into a world of Pilates you've never visited and will wish you could stay longer in. In Part 1 of our 3 part interview, Cary shares stories about the Pilates world when she arrived in it in 1974, including studying with Romana at SUNY Purchase, her recovery from an ACL tear under Romana's training, her first day teaching for Romana at the 29 W 56th Street studio, the other teachers in the studio and learning from Jon Winters and Patrick Strong, what it was like to teach Joe Pilates' former clients and what they taught her, how Romana treated her clients, and much more. Now a teacher for over 38 years, Cary still endeavors to teach the work of Joseph Pilates, so that the benefits, both preventive and rehabilitative, will become an integral part of our daily lives. You can find her currently at Uptown Pilates in NYC.

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  1. Hilary 1 year ago

    A treasure full stop

  2. Christina Maria Gadar

    Wonderful interview!

  3. robertapilates 1 year ago

    Amazing ????????????♥️????

  4. Jean Klein 1 year ago

    Great interview! Thank you, Cary and Alisa. i love hearing the history.

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