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Your body will love this second class in Carrie Russo’s Cardio Pilates series. With several new moves and her creative combos, you’ll tone your legs, sculpt your abs, and most of all challenge your breathing and circulatory system. Carrie’s heart rate stays in the cardio zone the whole class, how about yours? Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. ChoosyChooser 4 weeks ago

    Hi! Great Class! Thank you!

    (P.S. the link in “Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates.” is broken)

    • Author
      Carrie Russo 2 weeks ago

      Hi! So happy you enjoyed the class!! And thank you for the heads up with the link. That’s odd. I’ll see if we can figure that out. It’s just my website: Which is up and running, so I’m not sure what the glitch it. Thanks for alerting us to it! – Carrie

    • Alisa Wyatt

      This link is fixed!

  2. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 1 month ago

    So telling, and definitely a bump up from Class I, with enough(not too little or too much) to get me curious about Class III. :0
    Love the tempo to get the heart rate in focus.
    Your cues are super, and your enthusiasm so valuable.

    • Author
      Carrie Russo 1 month ago

      I’m so excited that this program is working well for you and that you are …. dare I say… “enjoying” it. 😉 Thanks so much for the kind words. I truly do appreciate it. Have a blast in Class 3 and I hope to hear how it goes!

  3. Xyneth 1 month ago

    So I put my comment for Class 2 in Class 3 lol.. so I’ll put my comment of Class 3 here haha.. The class is getting intense! I failed to move gracefully on the standings without using hand part, but I’m happy because the move is being repeated so many times throughout the video so I decided to just give it a try and hopefully can improve myself soon 😀 3 days to go!

    • Author
      Carrie Russo 1 month ago

      I’m so thrilled that you’re sticking with it!!! Yes, they get more and more intense for sure. I purposely repeated the movement many times for the very reason you mention. It is HARD! In one of the classes, I even mention how I have one weaker side, but through the series it gets noticeably stronger. That will happen for you too! With practice and repetition, your body will learn what is being asked of it and will get stronger. Can’t wait to hear more from you!! -Carrie

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