Building Inversions Part 2: Intermediate

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In the second class in Kathi’s series on building inversions, you’ll continue the work of bringing the arms overhead with ease and strength as well as creating more length in the spine. You’ll learn exercises using a long pole, on the Arm Chair and Cadillac using the Neck Stretcher and on the Wunda that will prep your body for practicing a handstand L prep at the wall. Filmed at The Red Thread Ranch, Kathi’s studio in Florida. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. PILATESDURHAM 2 years ago

    Rebecca’s smile at the end! Like Rebecca, I loved this class… I’m currently working on the Foundational series right now and watched this to see where I’m going next. Love this thread Kathi!

  2. Pilatesgirlie
    Pilatesgirlie 2 years ago

    Love the use of the head harness. Just over the river from you in Palmetto, FL. Hope to join you at the Ranch when the opportunity arises.

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