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MeJo was introduced to the Arm Chair by Romana after a car accident left her in a neck brace. Romana used it to strengthen and restore the muscles that support and hold the head and neck in place. In this brilliant workshop, MeJo shares exercises and teaching techniques useful for a wide range of problems, such as neck and shoulder issues, kyphosis, osteoporosis, and anyone who needs to lift and lengthen the upper back.Our thanks to the 2013 Classical Pilates Convention UK where this class was filmed. For MeJo's teaching and workshop schedule, please visit

What Others Are Saying


  1. Judyj 2 years ago

    Me Jo. Great arm chair seminar! I hope to work with you again at some future time. You’re a great teacher. Thank you

    DAYDDA 4 years ago

    Amazing! The arm chair + Mejo are perfects!

  3. androne 5 years ago

    Thanks Mejo! I loved this workshop when we did it and enjoyed it again watching it back now!

  4. Mary
    Mary 5 years ago

    Thank you MeJo for putting (gasp!) guys on this wonderful apparatus. I could not agree with you more that they need it as well. Since you never saw Romana teach a guy on this I wonder if anyone can talk to Joe’s teaching on the Arm Chair.

  5. lghammerle

    Thorough and excellent workshop. Thank you MeJo, Alisa and Jack 🙂

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