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Whether or not you speak Portuguese, this class with Inelia Garcia will give you a new appreciation for the power of the PediPole and all it can do for your body. Inelia's instructions are easy to understand as she leads a group of her teachers (along with Alisa) for a challenging 8 minutes aimed at creating length, grace and perfect posture. For teacher training, Pilates lessons, and more in Brazil, Portugal, Chile and more, visit The Pilates Studio Brazil. Our thanks to everyone at the Higienópolis location where this video was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Parthenope
    Parthenope 2 years ago

    A teacher of great quality, very communicative !!

  2. Kayfenton
    Kayfenton 2 years ago

    I aspire to teach like you…
    thank you so much
    Kay Fenton

  3. giffordpilates 3 years ago

    That was such a pleasure.

  4. joelcrosby

    That was so enjoyable to watch. It was as if there was no language barrier at all. Thanks Inelia and Alisa!

  5. newaida

    Bravo querida Inelia!! As always!!! ???????????? Thank you Pilatesology for bringing her on board!!!

  6. ladyjane 3 years ago


  7. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Wow! what a pleasure to see Inelia and Alisa together! her cueing and pace is magnificent! everything look so natural and flowing. gracias, xxx Luz

  8. Kerry 3 years ago

    Wow, that was awesome. Way to go Alisa!….did it feel longer than 7 minutes??!!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      That workout flew by!! It is such an honor to learn from Inelia, her cueing, spotting and authority make it not seem like work at all :).

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