5 Tips for Buying Used Apparatus #GRATZ!

tips to buy used apparatus

The purchase of your Pilates apparatus is one of the major investments you will make as a Pilates instructor/studio owner. Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, one option isto seek out used apparatus to outfit your Pilates space. New upholstery and accessories can be added and still bring the cost well under the purchase of new equipment.

Two of my colleagues, Barbara Stamis and Nicole Marcione, have perfected the art of securing a screaming deal on the Gratz apparatus in particular, often scarce in the used market. I have gathered some tips and strategies that my lovely ladies were so gracious to share with me and I wish you luck on your quest.

I did some poking around myself on these websites for just a few minutes and found some Gratz goodies right away even though I am not technically “in need” of additional equipment. Although the price of a used Gratz Wunda Chair did turn my head for a moment… And a Cadillac made me pause for a hot minute as it was the very same color as mine: espresso.

Note to self: there is not room for another Cadillac…

OMG Team Half-Hanging! How fun would that be?


This is such an easy sight to check out to find out what’s for sale nationwide. Barbara found her Gratz Reformer and Arm Chair via the Pilates Guy. Bonus: he’s also a great contact for the maintenance of your studio apparatus. I think my Reformer needs him 🙂

6 Handy Sites for Used Apparatus #GRATZ!

Not associated with Craigslist, onegraigs.com works in the same way.  This site trolls the craigslist databases (all of them) to find what you are looking for.  From Barbara: “It’s like a national Craigslist. It’s so great.”

3. Pilates Contrology Marketplace on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pilatesmarketplace/)

6 Handy Sites for Used Apparatus #GRATZ!

This is a Facebook forum dedicated solely to the selling and purchasing of equipment. It is easy to scroll through and you can write a post if you are seeking something specific in your area. There are tons of people on this forum who help to get the word out, or possibly even have what you want.


Nicole has bought most of her equipment from Craigslist posts. Her best deal/steal was a Gratz Cadillac for $2000. She looks on Craigslist almost daily in search of Gratz.

Nicole’s expert advice:

“I think that is key, know what you want and start to look everyday online. Don’t be afraid to look far away, shipping isn’t too much if you get a great deal. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. BUT! You do need to know what a good price is on a piece, so you will know when not to negotiate and snatch it up. I’ve negotiated on everything except my 80″ reformer, it was already a great deal at $2700.”

5. Your local network of Pilates instructors!
6 Apparatus ResourcesPut the word out.

Many times teachers know someone (another teacher, studio or client) who wants to get rid of some piece of equipment. Lucky you if they really want it “to be gone.”

Just like the Pilates Method, “patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

Bonne Chance!

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Andrea Maida

Andrea Maida

A native of Pittsburgh, Andrea began her study of the Pilates method in 2000. She holds two comprehensive certifications from Romana’s Pilates in New York and Excel Movement Studios in Washington, DC.  Andrea continues to study with numerous world-class instructors including Romana Kryzanowska, Jay Grimes, Sari Mejia-Santo, Junghee Kallander, Cynthia Lochard, and Kathryn Ross-Nash whenever possible. Andrea was privileged to be in the inaugural class of The Work at Vintage Pilates under the direction of Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Master Teacher and student of Joseph Pilates.

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    Siwen Xi

    Member since 2022

    Thanks for the information! I also want to purchase a used Gratz reformer. Please reach out if you have any lead! Thanks xx

  2. Avatar


    Member since 2013

    Do you have an opinion on new Gratz vs new Basil reformers?

    • Andrea Maida

      Andrea Maida

      Member since 2012

      Hi there –

      My preference is new Gratz or used Gratz – the Basil Reformer has a shorter shoulder rest than the Gratz. This may seem a minor detail, but there are many exercises where the foot is placed up against the shoulder rest: Knee stretch series, arm circles to name a couple, and on the Gratz you can get your whole foot including the heel against the shoulder rest which is a big help in finding the connection into your center in the exercise. So if you plan on keeping your apparatus for the long term I would choose Gratz over Basil. That being said, the Basil apparatus is the closest in feel to the Gratz Reformer that you will find. I hope this helps 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts and questions here.

  3. Andrea Maida

    Andrea Maida

    Member since 2012

    Yes, I will keep you in mind if I hear of any used Gratz for sale 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  4. Miriam Sanchez

    Miriam Sanchez

    Member since 2012

    Hey !! Thank you for this great article !!!- Im reaching out to this community because im searching for used gratz equipment. Any info welcome !!!
    Thanks !!

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