Yumi Shine Sedgwick

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Yumi is an RYT and Classical Pilates Instructor based in New York—a founder of the Pilate yoga attic LLC. As an alignment-based functional therapeutic yoga and movement teacher, Yumi ventured into classical pilates to enhance her teaching and to help her clients who were going through chemo and severe physical injuries and trauma since 2013. Yumi is a compassionate, creative teacher; her dedication to knowledge, research, and intuition informs her teaching style that emphasizes functional anatomy and therapeutic yoga into the classical Pilates movement method. Yumi can still recall her first Pilates session she left feeling energized, and with a clear mind, she experienced her first “ Pilates High.” Yumi is thrilled to share the and magical power of Pilates with all her clients.

Yumi is an RYT, certified in teaching people with support needs, post and prenatal yoga, and Pilates. She traveled with her teacher Gail Grossman to present Restorative Yoga for the annual Yoga Journal Conference in NYC and Wyndham, NY. She studied with Master Teacher Sri and Dharma Mittra, Iyengar teachers trained and certified by BKS Iyengar, while taking workshops and classes with classical Pilates teachers like Bob Leiken, Inelia Garcia, Christina Gadar, Blossom and many other Romana-certified teachers.

Yumi received her Classical Comprehensive Pilates Certificate with Alycea Ungaro at Real Pilates in New York City, where she is also currently teaching.

She holds certificate in Exercise Physiology from Stanford University School of Medicine and Health and fitness nutrition certificate from Cornell university.

Visit Yumi at Real Pilates New York City and follow Yumi on Instagram @yourpilatesgirl.

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