The Pilates Two Way Stretch with Sandy Shimoda

Teachers Clubhouse 11—The Two Way Stretch

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Join Sandy for Vintage Pilates' Teachers Clubhouse. The topic for this session is the Two Way Stretch, a cue that Jay Grimes uses widely in his teaching. Watch and learn while students work out and Sandy, along with her assistant Nicole, give corrections for specific body types. After the workout Sandy leads a discussion and tutorial for understanding the Two Way Stretch more deeply. Visit Sandy at Vintage Pilates where this class was filmed.  

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  1. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 2 years ago

    Oh, YES! The two-way FROM a strong center! Wonderfully consistent ‘finding it’ while not forgetting the middle. Took me days to get thru all there is to test out in this great TC. Thank you Sandy and Nicole.

  2. LauraCotler
    LauraCotler 2 years ago

    I love this one! Sandy I’m always in awe of the way you’re able to see and help each body find what it needs–you have such a special way about you! You’re intuitive, calming yet firm, you’re always spot on and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you Sandy and thank you Nicole for filming this wonderful workshop on the two-way stretch!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author


      Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing your enthusiasm for this work. I find it always amazing and inspiring. I learn so much from each body before me. Thanks to Nicole for offering her talents to the room and the topic.

  3. Jayne O'Brien 2 years ago

    So great to watch all you guys working out, I loved watching the class and the simple cues really helped the students work toward finding the two way stretch, I could see it in their bodies, so exciting and such an interesting topic, I am finding and experiencing this is my body more and more. Thank you Sandy and Nicole ????????

    • Sandy Shimoda Author


      That is so exciting to hear! Keep it up. And thanks for tuning in to see your fellow “The Work” teachers finding their two-way-stretch.

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