Pilates PreNatal CEC Workshop

Pregnancy & Pilates: How to Teach Prenatal Clients

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If you’re a teacher dealing with prenatal clients this workshop will help you create a safe and effective lesson plan for every stage of pregnancy. For the first 15 minutes, Victoria covers what to avoid during pregnancy, for instance when to stop lying on the stomach, why it’s important not to hold the breath when pregnant, and why you should avoid using a magic circle between the inner thighs for a prolonged period of time. Then Victoria and her pregnant student Sarah demonstrate a complete list of exercises throughout the studio. You’ll learn simple yet effective ways to adjust your regular lesson plan so your pregnant clients get a great workout and stay fit! Visit Victoria at Pilates66.com.

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  1. Pilatesthebody
    Pilatesthebody 3 months ago

    Victoria conveys a wealth of information in her signature clear, methodic and calm style. Excellent!!

  2. butlerboo 10 months ago

    Thankyou, that has really helped

  3. dkrois 1 year ago

    This a very information workshop. Are there any reading materials that you recommend to learn more about prenatal Pilates?

  4. ewapilates
    ewapilates 2 years ago

    So carefully chosen and safely performed exercises for the Moms to be! Great class! Thanks Victoria:)

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