Pilates Volleyball Workout with Pilatesology's Alisa Wyatt

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Alisa works with Lauren Fendrick, a pro-beach volleyball player. Using a full studio of apparatus, Alisa takes Lauren through a workout designed with her specific body needs in mind, including: connecting her center to her upper and lower body and radiating that strength out to her limbs for more explosive power; addressing her hyper-mobility; balancing out her strength across her body since her sport overuses her dominant arm and leaves her a bit lopsided; strengthening the sides of her hips and glutes because her quads tend to overwork; opening her chest to balance the rolling forward of the shoulders and upper back that is necessary for passing the ball; reminding her to use her breath fully; and avoiding movements that overflex her delicate knees. Alisa uses the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pole, Breath-a-cizer, and Cadillac to create a complete workout that is unique to Lauren's body.

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  1. sandrita
    sandrita 7 years ago

    gracias, aprendo mucho con ustedes…. muchas gracias

  2. soul_eil
    soul_eil 8 years ago

    Good alignment cues….thanks!

  3. Leolady 9 years ago

    I really enjoy watching the videos of real people with real needs and always learn something I can translate to my own clients, however subtle – thank you! Also beneficial to see how you used the whole studio. More sessions like this please – perhaps with a really short person…?

  4. Ynowak 9 years ago

    Liked the cues for working with someone who is taller than average.

  5. kirstyhall44 9 years ago

    Great example of how to work an athlete – thank you. I am learning so much about both the Classical Method and about special populations that I don’t have the chance to teach. Cheers Pilatesology!

  6. lghammerle

    Thank you for a good use of the full studio!

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