Pilates for Swimmers

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Karen and her student for this workshop, Ken Kretch share exercises in the Pilates system that both feed the needs of swimmers as well as return the body to balance. When he started his Pilates practice, one of Ken's goals was to improve his backstroke and freestyle strokes as well as the kick for breaststroke. Find out what they did to achieve this goal! Filmed at Vintage Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. kaleluhrman 4 years ago

    Really enjoyed this workout. Quick question about the jump board section: what spring load are you using for jumping? Thanks!

    • Karen Frischmann
      Karen Frischmann 4 years ago

      Hi there,
      I am glad you enjoyed the workout. The jump board is loaded on 2 springs and we are working on a Gratz 86″ reformer.

  2. whitelions
    whitelions 5 years ago

    A great great session indeed!! working with swimmers and being a swimmer myself gives me some great cues and ideas ………having done THE WORK I can see so much more now and i was right on with Ken and Karen on some things……
    Both Ken and Karen are incredbile teachers and if younhavent worked with either one this is the time!!

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