Hang Like a Bat

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Romana taught Lori and Liesbeth this fun and crazy looking exercise hanging from the swedish bars. Do it and you’ll literally turn your frown upside down! Filmed at Atlas Pilates.

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  1. Centropilatesgranada
    Centropilatesgranada 3 years ago

    Good ending!!!!

  2. Harmonyblu 5 years ago

    I love how Lori makes this exercise look so easy! This is the first exercise I have struggled with in such a great long while! There is something about it that my body isn’t understanding, I am so grateful for the challenge and inspiration 🙂 it’s so funny, but I have become
    Bound and determined to “hang like a bat”. Lol thanks!

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Lori that is great! The up side down is a great perspective of how refreshing can be for our body and mind. As a yoga teacher also we do, and recently after my ACS surgery is the only way I can be in my head again. Great keep motivated us please and let me know where I can order the Swedish Bar in USA. I am in Qatar. All my equipment at the Studio are from USA so please help me to reach out! Bid thanks Luz

  4. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    Fun!! I would love to see more cool stuff on the Swedish bars.

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