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In this workout and observational video for teachers Victoria takes an athlete, her client Michele who is an ice skater, through a session aimed at connecting his upper and lower body. For many athletes, energy gets lost in the middle of the torso and Pilates can build the skills needed to keep that energy. Because if your torso is connected, your limbs can move independently. You can find Victoria at her studio Pilateson66 where this class was filmed.  

What Others Are Saying


  1. aubergine22 3 years ago

    It was interesting to see how you work with someone who has almost a rushed, hasty energy. You had to pick and choose which exercises to sort of force him to slow down. This will be helpful for my athlete clients and starting off with the pedipole and use that as a imaginatory tactile cue throughout the rest of the lesson. Especially for the clients who don’t like the teacher using hands to help shape and cue.

  2. Victoria Sommer 3 years ago

    What a challenging, absolutely wonderful workout, your cues work so well…thank you Victoria

  3. blspilates 5 years ago

    Great idea to use the pedipole at the beginning of the session. The sequence and cues were wonderful!
    I wondered about the socks. I did slip on the Gratz high chair once when I had socks on, but I’m not an ice skater.
    Thanks, Victoria!!

  4. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Lovely to watch! Thank you both! Great cues Victoria! And Michele well done, great to see how your body responded and how the workout was so tailored to your needs and how pilates is really benefitting you. Great job!

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