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If you’re an instructor looking to understand how to apply the Pilates system to the individual needs of your clients, you are in the right place! Watch and get Lori’s unique cues that visibly transform her 2 students whose bodies are not at all alike. You’ll discover new ways to ‘see’ the body, tips for activating lazy muscles, how to create ease when there’s a tendency towards overworking, turning on the body via tempo changes, and so much more. Visit Lori at Atlas Pilates.

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  1. aubergine22 3 years ago

    I love Lori’s verbal and hands on-cueing. The “over-UP-over-catch-roll down with control” was so cool to see how it changed the juiciness of the exercise for Cara. Love the imagery and references to real life scenarios (“Don’t go to any parking spots….Watch for the alligators ????to relate to the workout and use of certain muscles. (“The calf can live behind the knee, Let the hamstring live here—take it around the bend” Also the use of her body (and leverage thereof) to allow the client to “feel things” is a reason to watch this over and over again. (How she went in the well during hug/short box and applied counter pressure to the thoracic to try for a different type of spinal extension—fascinating). Thank you, LCB for your genius and Pilatesology for featuring LCB in your library of awesome videos.

  2. Katerina102 3 years ago

    “You can pick your poison” Love this woman❤️

  3. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    I like Cara’s powerful Pilates, very much; she is known to be athletic, but not alawys! For my self, I am bearing in mind all of Lori’s cues about not hardening the workout; I tend to do this a lot!

  4. joesmat 3 years ago

    I do like the particular and selective hands on techniques used here by Lori Coleman Brown to extract good and effective form..
    Most interesting. Can take lots from this to my mat practice. Thanking you.

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