4-week LIVE Reformer Series

Brett Howard Dorothee Vandewalle Live Sessions

Teachers-Only Classes with Brett Howard & Dorothee Vandewalle

✔️ Special opportunity to get expert eyes on you

✔️ Lifetime access to class recordings

✔️ 8 LIVE, intimate classes every Tuesday (11 am PT) & Thursday (10 am PT) for 4 weeks

✔️ Learn inspiring teaching cues 

✔️ Join challenging, energizing Reformer workouts with like-minded teachers

"Its a fantastic way to expand your knowledge, keep it all fresh, fun, and challenging!" Theresa O.

Personal Instruction from Brett Howard

There's a reason that Brett Howard is at the top of everyone's Favorites list. His deep knowledge of the classical method combined with his uncanny ability to zap your misalignments with his precise (and often poetic) cues makes him one of our most in demand teachers.

In Brett's classes you'll get:

  • A challenging classical workout that will advance your practice
  • Precise cues that realign your body
  • An opportunity to learn from someone who has worked closely with First Generation teachers
Brett Howard - Live Sessions Teacher
Dorothee Vandewalle Live Sessions Teacher

Inspiration from Dorothee Vandewalle

Dorothee Vandewalle was chosen as a teacher trainer by Romana Kryzanowska and worked side by side with her for over a decade. In each lesson with her, you'll catch bits of history along with incredible inspiration that will lift up your teaching. She's got a rhythm that is contagious and turns 'workouts' into playtime.

Dorothee's workouts will bring you:

  • Fresh inspiration that will uplift your teaching
  • A sense of rhythm that will infuse your workouts with fun!
  • Bits of history that deepen your understanding of the work

"Every session there has been at least one a-ha moment. A cue, different approach, a tweak," Lindsay M.


brett howard

When you sign up, you will...

» Be guided through 4-weeks of challenging workouts 
» Restore your passion for teaching
» Learn from two of the top teacher trainers in the world
» Access class recordings forever!
» Make time for your practice & your own body
» Fill your toolbox with fresh teaching cues


/ One-Time Fee
/ One-Time Fee

Have Questions? 🎟

Why should I join?

✔️This is a unique and hassle-free chance to get to workout with two remarkable teachers,  Brett Howard and Dorothee Vandewalle, with classes guaranteed to motivate, inspire, and kick your practice in to high gear!


❓What are the dates & times of classes in LIVE SESSIONS?

✔️Starting June 6th, you'll have two classes per week via Zoom. Classes take place Tuesdays at 11 am & Thursdays at 10 am (Pacific Time). Zoom links will be sent out before class & will be the same link for each class. 


❓What if I can't make class live?

✔️You get lifetime access to repeat the workouts on your own time. Teachers tell us this has been great for work conflicts.


❓How much does the LIVE SESSIONS package cost?

✔️Rates are $399/Pilatesology members or $449/non-members for the unique opportunity to be taught by Dorothee & Brett in a progressive 4-week class series.


❓What equipment and level will the classes be?

✔️The classes will be intermediate to advanced level and all on the Reformer. (Scroll up for class schedule).


❓What if I don’t have the equipment needed for class?

✔️ If you don’t have access to a Reformer, we will be holding another LIVE SESSIONS in the Fall - hang on until then!


❓Can other instructors join me?

✔️YES we encourage it! Please reach out to us for one-time purchase options. Note: Each Zoom screen is limited to 1 person only.


❓How is this different from my Pilatesology membership?

✔️Our LIVE SESSIONS is a specially-curated add-on package separate from your membership. Recordings are not shared publicly on Pilatesology, they are for LIVE SESSIONS members only.


❓Do I have to be a Pilatesology member to sign up?

✔️ No, there is a separate option for non-members. Keep in mind, you'll only have access to LIVE SESSIONS recordings. Check out our membership to get access to all of our unlimited content!