Victoria Mangunsong

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Pilates just works. Growing up with a dance background, Pilates just made sense in my body. I turned to Pilates to rehab out of dance injuries. I got my degree in Physical Therapy 2001, and my Pilates certification from Polestar Education because to was what I knew at the time. Then one day at a Balanced Body Pilates conference I took a class from Siri Galliano. I felt like I never ever truly learned Pilates yet. I drove up to Big Bear a few times to learn from Siri. I attended her classical Pilates conferences in Big Bear where I soaked in the Pilates work and got to meet/learn from Jay Grimes, Alisa Wyatt, Mejo Wiggins, Carrie Macey. I run a physical therapy practice and integrate Pilates work through it all. One day I would love to study at Vintage Pilates with Sandy Shimoda & Jay. Until then, Pilates-ology keeps me connected to an amazing network of teachers. Always learning, always growing.


11354 Mountain View Suite C
LOMA LINDA, California 92354
United States

(909) 796-8400

Pilates Education: PolestarEducation2002

Equipment: Balanced Body

Years of Experience: 15

Languages Spoken: English