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My commitment to you I pledge to continually strive to learn, and then to meet your health and fitness needs through the Classical Pilates Method. My principal goal is to empower all who come to my studio to be in control of their own health and well-being, and to provide a supportive atmosphere in which clients may grow, learn, change, and be nurtured and guided in their process towards a happy, healthy, self-actualized life. I am committed to providing superior service in a courteous, friendly manner: from convenient, flexible scheduling, to prompt attendance to phone calls and messages, with time and care given to your special, individual needs. I am highly trained, caring, enthusiastic and dedicated to your health and wellness. I chose to become a teacher because I was profoundly affected by my own experience with The Pilates Method. This is why my commitment to you is so powerful. Because it is my sincere objective to meet your personal needs, I encourage and appreciate your thoughtful suggestions and ideas. Noam Gagnon: Pilates Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Choreographer, Performer, In 1987 Noam Gagnon received his degree in Dance and Choreography from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. The same year he began studying the Pilates Method. In 2003, Noam received his first teaching certification from the The Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado, North America's leading Pilates teacher training programme. In 2005 Noam founded Beyond Pilates Inc.Vancouver, Canada. In 2006 Beyond Pilates Teacher Training Program. In 2014 Noam began studying with Jay Grimes and his outstanding team of teachers at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, California. The mandate of Beyond Pilates is to integrate the teachings of Joseph Pilates, with a holistic understanding of the complex and delicate intricacies that bind mind and body and to keep Joseph Pilates original method and philosophy alive, aiming to reflect the goals and intention of Joe and Clara Pilates original studio in New-York City. Beyond Pilates uses GRATZ equipment. Noam is also a certified Franklin Method Movement Educator Level 3 Noam Gagnon is an acclaimed dance artist who, over the course of his career, has helped push Canadian dance into the forefront of international stage. Artistic Director of Vision Impure, a satellite company of The Holy Body Tattoo. Noam has created work that has received both critical and audience acclaim in Canada, US, as well as Europe. Noam has performed independently for many of Canada’s and Europe’s leading choreographer. Noam Gagnon is an Associate Dance Artist of Canada’s National Arts Centre.


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1190 Hornby Street suite 702
Vancouver V6Z 2K5


Pilates Education: Master Program at Vintage Pilates LA with Jay Grimes. The Pilates Center in Boulder Co.

Equipment: Teach on all apparatus

Years of Experience: Starting doing Pilates in 1987 and started teaching 1990

Languages Spoken: French, English, a little Spanish

I have been a member since: 2014