Maureen Kseniak

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I started doing Pilates in NYC in the late 90's and so loved it I quit a stressful job in advertising and got certified. I was trained by Romana and Sari and have worked with numerous wonderful teachers trained by the two of them. After teaching for 23 years, I still get a kick out of changing bodies. Sometimes that involves the challenge of helping someone get past an injury or chronic problem and sometimes, it's just challenging someone to work deeper and find new strength. I'm currently working in a private studio that serves as a training center so we are all continuing to learn and inspire each other.

Lyon Pilates
12 Temple St.
Boston 02114
United States

Pilates Education:

Equipment: Gratz and Empower reformers, Wunda Chairs, Cadillacs, High Chair, Baby Chair, Guillotine

Years of Experience: 23 years

Languages Spoken: English