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I discovered Pilates following a soccer injury that resulted in a torn ACL. Despite undergoing extensive physical therapy for many months, I still felt profoundly weak. Simple tasks like walking for more than 30 minutes became excruciatingly painful. Realizing the need for a transformation, I turned to Pilates to not only strengthen my injured leg but also to fortify my entire body. Through consistent practice, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my strength and overall well-being, surpassing my pre-injury condition. This transformation fueled my passion, leading me to embark on Pilates teacher training in 2017. Driven by my love and passion for Pilates, I established Era Pilates with a vision to create a space where individuals could enhance their movement capabilities and achieve greater strength. Over the years, I've dedicated myself to honing my expertise by learning from master trainers such as Lisa Eppen, Anula Maiberg, Cara Reeser, and Jennifer Gianni. Most recently, I completed the Kathy Grant Heritage postgraduate Pilates training program. This legacy program is rooted in classical Pilates programming accompanied by modern biomechanics. My areas of specialization include contemporary and classical Pilates methodologies, foundational movement principles, business management, prenatal and postpartum Pilates, and childbirth education. Era Pilates has been a realization of my aspirations. Leaving behind the corporate world, I committed myself entirely to Era Pilates, and I haven't looked back since. What I find most rewarding through teaching is building connections with my clients. Witnessing their strength and confidence grow through consistent practice fills me with joy. It's not just about teaching them new exercises or a fancy flow; it's about instilling in them the ability to find the connections in their body by staying true to the foundational Pilates work.

Era Pilates
1224 Prospect St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
United States


Pilates Education: Balanced Body Graduated 2019, Peak Pilates 2017, Kathy Grant Heritage Graduate 2024

Equipment: Legacy

Years of Experience: 7

Languages Spoken: English