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Lucero has taught extensively throughout the country. She has worked in New York, Cambridge, and — most recently -- owned and operated her own studio in San Francisco. She is excited to open her new studio (Studio Reset) in Portland, Oregon and share her expertise both in classical Pilates and the MELT Method. In 2000, Lucero completed a rigorous certification program with Romana Kryzanowska, a pupil of Joseph Pilates himself, and with master teacher Bob Liekens. In 2012, Lucero became certified as a MELT Method instructor (Hand and Food Certification, Instructor Certification and Strength Level 1 Certification) by Sue Hitzmann, the Method's creator. Lucero loves Pilates because it is beautiful to watch. It is challenging, inspiring and she is continually learning from the technique, as a teacher and student. Just teaching and doing the saw with precision makes you respect this amazing technique! She feels blessed to have the support of an incredible group of colleagues who continually push her to become a better teacher. A better student. A better person! What sets her apart in Portland is her knowledge of the body and of classical, True Pilates. Combine that with the MELT Method and she is able to help people who need the combination of MELT and Pilates. MELT sets the body up by stimulating the connective tissue system which is what supports us and stabilizes us. She finds that people focus better after 10-minutes of MELT, their bodies move with more efficiency, compensatory habits in the body can be addressed quicker which allows people to work deeper yet with more ease! She has been working with transplant survivors, cancer survivors, people with serious spinal issues, Parkinson's, athletes, etc. and combining MELT to their routine has been the doorway to get their bodies to respond positively to Pilates.


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1720 NW Lovejoy Street, Space 120
Portland, Oregon 97209
United States


Pilates Education: BFA in dance from the Boston Conservatory, Romana Certified 2000, MELT Method Advance Instructor

Equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair, Wall Unit, Wunda, Pedi Pole

Years of Experience: 18

Languages Spoken: English, a little Spanish

I have been a member since: 2013