Leslie Miller

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I am a Comprehensively Certified Peak Pilates Instructor and studio owners. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) and have been a licensed therapist since graduating from Fordham University in 1998. I have worked with clients who have struggled with anxiety, depression, life transitions and physical and psychological trauma for over 20 years. While attending graduate school I taught fitness and exercise for several years while living in NYC, before finally discovering the benefits of Pilates through a fellow-fitness teacher. The Pilates Method is a beautiful discipline that enables clients to quiet the mind through centering and breathwork, while gaining balance, strength and flexibility. In 2005, following the birth I’ve my daughter I discovered Pilates and found that it was transformative in healing past injuries as well as regaining a sense of wellbeing while reducing anxiety and stress-related issues. I have a client-centered approach to fitness and wellness stemming from years of working in both the fitness world and as a therapist in private practice. I have discovered that it is impossible to have mental-health without regular movement of the body and exercise without mindfulness can also promote an unhealthy mindset.


Pilates and Mind
Newton, Massachusetts 02467
United States



Pilates Education: Comprehensively Certified Peak Pilates

Equipment: Peak

Years of Experience: 8

Languages Spoken: English

I have been a member since: 2019