Katharina Süssli

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I worked for many years in a bank as a customer advisor for international customers. In between I worked for 7 years in tourism in different countries. I would not want to miss either my years at the bank or my years abroad in tourism. I am lucky that I had a good time everywhere and I always liked my work. Prior to my Piltates training, I trained to become a Fitness & Health Instructor and also a Professional Coach. The first two years of my Pilates Instructor journey I taught Pilates as a part time job. For 7 years now it is my main job. But I am happy that I can also make people happier and more content with coaching/consulting in the area of Well-Being. In addition, giving relaxation classes is also an enrichment in my daily work. I am working out of my own Studio. I want to inspire people not only to achieve their (Pilates) goals but do so in their own unique way. By enjoying your journey, having fun and also to laugh at yourself, taking the next step will appear easier. I enjoy supporting people in identifying and using their own resources. And all this applies to Pilates and other journeys!

Pilates by Katharina Süssli
Scheuchzerstrasse 18
Zurich, Zurich 8006

+41 76 595 53 73


Pilates Education: Romana's Pilates, NYC in December 2012 practical final exam, August 2013 written final exam

Equipment: Pilates Designs, LLC

Years of Experience: 9

Languages Spoken: german, Spanish, english, french

I have been a member since: 2017