Judy Porter

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Hello I’m Judy Porter. I am a licensed massage therapist and a level one pilates instructor. My number one rule is to “do no harm”. I’ve worked with a senior population in massage therapy for 15 years. Over that time span I watch my clients and myself age and become less flexible, lose the ability to get on and off the floor and even learn how people that don’t exercise lose the ability to do simple tasks. That’s where pilates came into my life. I added a reformer to my studio and learn more and more with my clients. It’s a gentle yet very effective and safe way to regain the use of your body. I follow the traditional Pilates method and many of the TLC workouts and beginner class protocols found on this site. We also have an infrared sauna in our studio (for detoxification through sweating) and offer offer massage therapy.


Studio In Motion, LLC
Vero Beach, FL
Vero Beach 32958
United States


Pilates Education:

Equipment: Reformer, tower, chair, mat

Years of Experience: 1

Languages Spoken: English