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Beyoga Pilates & Yoga Barcelona co-founder. Born in Barcelona, he studied economics and computer science at the University of Barcelona, but soon his passion and his interest in the care and cultivation of the body as means of personal development leads to the study and the practice of different sports disciplines, developing as a personal trainer certified by Orthos. Lifeguard. Red Cross first aid course. In its evolution and looking for new ways and methods of improving the body, his path crosses with yoga and pilates, disciplines that unite body and mind in the integral development of the person. Since then, he delves into his study and practice. Is a Peak Pilates Comprehensive Teacher (Peak Pilates Certified Instructor). Inside of yoga, its method and philosophy is influenced by Nil Hahoutoff techniques through the teachings of Ramon Cases Ninot, his master. Forming with him within the AEPY. He is Professor of hatha yoga corrective and evolutionary (with the official title of the AEPY). Enrollee in the official registry of professionals of the sport of Catalonia. (REP)


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Profile photo of Joan Claraso MartiProfile photo of Joan Claraso MartiProfile photo of Joan Claraso Marti

Buenos Aires, 52
Barcelona, 0 08036


Pilates Education: 2014 -Peak Pilates Comprehensive Teacher

Equipment: Full studio Gratz Pilates

Years of Experience: 4

Languages Spoken: Spanish, english

I have been a member since: 2015