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Daniela Sartore-Lewis (Dani) started doing Pilates in 2006 when she moved to the US from Brazil. She fell in love with the Pilates exercises and has never stopped. She has tried different studios but really enjoys the classical approach. Dani has always been very active. In school she played all kinds of sports (basketball, volleyball, and handball) and after school, she had a passion for dance (ballet and jazz). Dani started doing Triathlons in Brasil and participated in more than 10 Triathlon events. Her favorite part is the running, but because of that strenuous nature of this exercise, she had a lot of injuries. Pilates helped to rehab her and to build a stronger body. Her passion for health and Pilates helped push her through the 13 month Pilates instructor training program (under Mary Brown, St. Louis, MO). She started the training program in 2015, and in 2016, her husband was offered a job at Vanderbilt, so the family moved to Nashville. Dani had to stop doing Pilates due to a high risk twin pregnancy in 2016 but was up and teaching again after the boys were older. Dani is a PMA National Certified Pilates Instructor, completing the comprehensive teacher training program through The Core Center under Mary J. Brown's instruction. Through the Pilates principles (breath, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow) and exercises, she truly believes that Pilates can help with better posture, mind/body connection, body awareness, lean muscles, and a strong core. She is trained in classical Pilates and current is under the tutelage of Master Instructor Sonje Mayo. Dani finds teaching Pilates to be extremely rewarding. Helping people move and feel better every day is truly a blessing.

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Proformer Studio
2013 Stonehurst Dr
Nashville 37215
United States

2013 Stonehurst Dr

Pilates Education: PMA Certified

Equipment: All

Years of Experience: 6 years

Languages Spoken: English and Portuguese

I have been a member since: 2018