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You'll find everything you'll need for a complete Pilates workout in our intimate, boutique-like Pilates studio. Nestled away from the street, the entrance is private, the music is quiet, and natural light shines through a wall of windows while shoji blinds provides privacy. As you workout on Gratz reformers, Cadillac springs and bars, and a full assortment of barrels, foot correctors, chairs and more, there aren't the distractions of loud music or of other groups of students. The studio is reserved for just one - two sessions at a time and every client enjoys our undivided attention. It is a peaceful, friendly and focused environment. "That moment when everything comes together and limitations fall away, where the student discovers a strength they never knew they had...that's why I teach Pilates. That's everything to me." - Colleen W.


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Ringwood, New Jersey 07456
United States


Pilates Education: Authentic Pilates/Romana' Pilates 2001

Equipment: Gratz Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Pedal Pole, Foot Corrector

Years of Experience: 17,000 hours

Languages Spoken: english

I have been a member since: 2016