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Becoming a Pilates teacher was not even my own idea. When I first encountered the word Pilates, I didn\'t know a thing about it. When I enquired, my first thought was \'what intelligent exercise.\' I signed up for classes on the spot. After practising for approximately 6 months, I was approached by my teacher and the studio owner. They asked if I was interested in becoming a Pilates teacher. Well, the seed was planted. The idea took root and I was fortunate enough in my current situation that I was able to take my first Pilates training. I began by certifying in mat work and reformer with BCPA in London, UK with Lynn Robinson. I then began teaching at the first studio I was taking lessons at. I loved the training....being in the studios in South Kensington and Covent Garden were inspiring and exhilarating for me. I then moved back to BC where I continued teaching in Vancouver before moving back to my home town. It is here, in Kamloops, where I opened the community\'s first Pilates studio. The seed which had rooted and began to grow was now developing into something substantial. I was thrilled with my small space. I was on a mission to spread the word about the amazing benefits of Pilates (very few people here had ever heard of Pilates). I opened in 2006 and grew as a studio and more importantly, a teacher. I loved being in training mode. Any workshop I could get my hands on was feeding my love of Pilates. I redid my certification with Noam Gagnon of Beyond Pilates learning Pilates as a complete system. My studio continued to grow (as did my own family) and in 2011, I found my dream space. I have created a studio which people come to and call \'their happy place.\' I have a studio family that truly sees the value in the Pilates work and fully support what we are doing and bringing to the community. We do our very best to teach people to bring Pilates into their everyday routines. The results that I\'ve seen in people (both mentally and physically) are what keep driving me to give more. My goal is to continue to learn from as many amazing teachers as I possibly can and continue to grow as my Pilates Tree continues to grow as well.


101-409 Seymour Street
Kamloops, BC, British Columbia V2C 2G7


Pilates Education: Classical training - Classical Pilates with Karen Frischmann 2018-Present, Full comprehensive course with Noam Gagnon, Beyond Pilates 2011 & Body Control Pilates Association (mat & reformer) with Lynn Roberts, London UK 2002

Equipment: Contrology by BB and Gratz

Years of Experience: 20+ years

Languages Spoken: English

I have been a member since: 2016