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After working in the corporate world for 12 years, living in London for four, I discovered a love of Pilates. I started Pilates to insure I didn't get hurt while doing what I thought were more intensive workout programs and very quickly dispensed with those in favor of Pilates. A few months into my practice, I joined a 600-hour teacher training program with Romana-trained, classical teacher, Donna Longo. After a year of intensive study, I was certified and started working with clients at Donna's studio, Integrated Fitness, and the now shuttered, Forrestal Village Fitness. Not wanting to leave my gym clients without a place to practice, I converted my kid's playroom into a home Pilates studio. I have worked with clients from ages 15 to 83. Some clients are very flexible, while others struggle to touch their toes. I am happy to meet clients where they are and build a program that addresses both their goals and concerns.

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My Pilates Path
2 Randolph Ct
Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550
United States

Pilates Education: Integrated Fitness 600-hour Classical Teacher Training Program (Romana 2nd Gen Teacher Trainer) August 2017

Equipment: All

Years of Experience: 4

Languages Spoken: English

I have been a member since: 2016