Creating & Using Custom Playlists

What are Playlists and why are they so awesome?

Our Playlist function lets you create your own personal & private selection of classes. You can also ‘share’ your Playlists to make them visible to members & ‘follow’ any ‘public’ Playlist.

Here are some ways members are using Playlists:

  1. Travel workout favs. Some members use playlists to put all their favorite travel workouts together in one place

  2. Quick workouts. Probably the most popular Playlists we are seeing: workouts under 10 minutes

  3. As a teaching tool. Some studios create Playlists as homework for their clients, apprentices or students

  4. Vacation substitute teacher. Some studio owners & teachers are creating Playlists specifically for their students or clients to follow while they are on vacation

  5. Certification assessments. Many schools are now creating Playlists for their entry assessments

  6. Following Pilatesology curated Playlists. We did the work for you. Check out the ‘public playlists’ tab for these : Top 10 Mat Workouts, Top 10 Reformer Workouts, a travel Playlist and more…

Ok, That’s cool. How does it work?

We made this quick step by step guide to show you:

How to CREATE your own custom Playlist:

  1. Select ‘Playlist Manager’ from the ‘My Pilatesology’ dropdown

  2. Select ‘My Playlists’ tab at top

  3. Select ‘Create New Playlist’

  4. Your new playlist will appear at top and look like this: New Playlist with a zero after: 0

  5. Click ‘Rename’ to name your new playlist. All done here – click the close button

  6. Now let’s go add some classes to your playlist!

How to ADD classes to your Playlist:

  1. Select the ‘+’ icon on any thumbnail on the website

  2. A small dropdown will appear with a list of your Playlists

  3.  Select Playlist to add the class

  4. Repeat. Add as many classes as you like

  5. You can rearrange the classes inside the Playlist Manager with + and –

  6. The zero will change to the number of classes in your Playlist

What if I want to SHARE my Playlist?:

  1. Open your Playlist Manager

  2. Select the ‘My Playlists’ tab at top to view all your Playlists

  3. Click ‘Share this Playlist’ button to allow other members to see your Playlist. Other members cannot edit your Playlist

What if I want to FOLLOW someone’s Playlist?:

  1. From the Playlist Manager select ‘Public Playlists’

  2. Click ‘Follow’ on any Playlist you like

  3. The Playlist will appear in the ‘Playlists I’m Following’ tab at top

Look for the ‘Back to Playlist‘ button on top of video to take you back to your Playlist.

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