"The Lost Art of Joe’s Work: The Ped-o-Pul and the Resister™" A two-part workshop by Elaine Ewing

"The Lost Art of Joe’s Work: The Ped-o-Pul and the Resister™" A two-part workshop by Elaine Ewing
Sun November 04 - Sun November 04

Sunday, November 4th from 1:00PM-5:00PM *$225 Early Bird until October 4th, 2018 $275 Full Price This workshop will focus on Joseph Pilates’ lesser known apparatus -- The Ped-o-Pul (with chair seat) and The Resister™ -- including his original exercises, sequences and written descriptions of the archival pieces. In reviewing the history of the apparatus, Joe’s written descriptions, photos and drawings will be used to study the archival work including the intended order, breathing, intention and number of repetitions for each movement. The Lost Art of the Ped-o-Pul will be taught on replicas of Joe’s original Ped-o-Pul equipment made by Pilates Designs. The archival design includes the bike seat attachment as well as other fascinating features unique to Joe’s original design. The workshop will include a presentation on the history of the Ped-o-Pul, instructions on how to use the more complex archival model, as well as practice and comprehensive study of Joe’s original exercises. The Lost Art of The Resister™ will include a presentation on the history behind Joe’s apparatus design known as The Resister™. A replica of Joe’s original apparatus, made by Pilates Lineage, will be available for attendees to observe, practice on and study during the workshop. Though not widely known, The Resister™ can be used in a home or studio setting. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of Joe’s intention behind both pieces of equipment, as well as an amazing variety of original Pilates exercises that can be taught to clients from beginner-advanced levels. Moreover, these exercises are adaptable to the equipment found in many studios, such as the standard Ped-o-Pul and the Wall Unit. Come learn Joe’s original exercises on replica archival equipment, see the photos and drawings of his vision, and experience first-hand the challenge and benefit of the art of Contrology. **To Sign Up Click Here http://artofcontrol.com/continuingeducation/

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