Andrea Maida workshops

Andrea Maida workshops
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On the Order of the Pilates Mat Exercises Joseph Pilates tells us “Study carefully. There IS a reason!” We will explore Joe’s original 34 Mat exercises and examine the reasons behind his brilliantly prescribed order of the exercises. Find the skills necessary in each exercise to prepare you for the exercises to come. Each exercise builds upon the previous ones to prepare you for success. In this 3-hour workshop we’ll take a look at several examples of exercise progressions throughout the entire series. Come prepared to workout: get the exercises into your body and experience the shapes of the exercises in a cohesive way to better serve your clients The Teaser: The Truth will Prevail The Teaser is infamous. It’s got a reputation and the word on the street is not good. We’ll comb through the Pilates system in this workshop and discover clues and components to find success in the Teaser. Where in the fundamental exercises do we begin to work on key elements of the Teaser? What are some common pitfalls? What skills of body shape and dynamic opposition do we need to cultivate? Join us for a 3-hour workshop as we strategize how to better our Teaser by working on it all around the Pilates studio. You may even begin to enjoy it. Sunday 24 September On the Order of the Pilates Reformer Exercises Based on my most-viewed blog post, we'll discover Joe's genius all over again as we hone in on the order of his Reformer exercises. In this 4-hour workshop we’ll use the Double Leg Pull (Double Leg Stretch) to refine every exercise. One of Joe's many gifts to us is the original order of the Reformer exercises. We will look at each series within his order and see how they build upon one another, enabling us to reinforce and perfect our 2-way stretch. 3 Chairs + 3 Barrels = 2-way Stretch How do the 3 Pilates Chairs (High Chair, Wunda Chair and Arm Chair) and the Barrels (Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel) work to progress your clients in their Pilates workout?
In this 3-hour workshop we’ll use the Chairs and Barrels to refine the 2 way Stretch and reveal the connections to the upper and lower body. We’ll take a look at how the Chairs and Barrels function within the Pilates Method, the challenges they create and the connections they can facilitate. All levels of students can benefit from the exercises on these 6 apparatus.

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