Masters Program ‘The Work’ at Vintage Pilates

Masters Program ‘The Work’ at Vintage Pilates
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MASTERS PROGRAM: THE WORK GRADUATE PROGRAM FOR EXPERIENCED, CERTIFIED PILATES TEACHERS THE WORK is an intense graduate program for certified teachers. Directed by first generation master instructor Jay Grimes, THE WORK will give you a deep understanding of Pilates as a cohesive system, and sharpen your ability to “see beyond the exercises” to better serve your clients. It is a comprehensive program of workshops, private lessons, small group classes, and Teachers Clubhouse™ sessions, which will expose you to the Vintage Pilates philosophy, based on founder Joe Pilates’ intentions and techniques. The program begins every January. Participants must pass their entrance assessment by the first week of November of the previous year. Please note: most participants spend a minimum of six months preparing for this assessment.

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