Lineage Pilates teachers training at Klasczny pilates

Lineage Pilates teachers training at Klasczny pilates
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Lineage Pilates teachers training is a one year intensive training with 5 modules starting with “the method “ foundations and spine shapes strong understandings to module 5 with being able to do a strong advanced mat and reformer with flow and ready to take the assessment for “The Work “ with Jay Grimes if need be. This training is build on my experiences and deeper understanding on what Joseph Pilates taught in his studio during his time through Jay Grimes . Also I bring my life experiences with life skills / coaching in each module . All Gratz and Contrology Jay Grimes reformers are part of what makes this lineage training complete . It is a very tough year long training and anyone interested has to assess on the reformer and mat prior to being accepted into the program . My vision is to keep the Lineage true essence of what Joseph Pilates wanted to pass on to the next generation “Contrology “ and many more .

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