Functional Strength Pilates

Functional Strength Pilates
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We offer high quality, comprehensive Classical Pilates Teacher Training in a mentorship environment. We believe a rich understanding of the material, a full 'toolbox' of teaching skills, and a strong personal practice add up to a successful and long-lived career. To that end, our workshops are structured to provide complete information about the dynamics at play in each exercise. In addition to the choreography, set up of equipment, and safety, we teach how to teach the skills required in the exercises, how to read whether your client is getting the benefit of the work, how to add depth to your teaching to improve your client's experience and troubleshooting of common issues that arise. Most students complete our Level II (1,000 hr) program, however we do offer a Level I (500 hr) program that trains teachers to an Intermediate Level. Our program is one of very few Pilates training programs run legally in the state of Colorado, as we are licensed and regulated by Colorado Department of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS).

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