Six weeks to a Pilates body (without the fancy studio)

alisa wyatt teaching about hip clicks and leg cramps

Does this sound familiar?

» You've heard Pilates is good for you but don't know where to start

» You've been intimidated because you don't think you're flexible enough

» You crave the guidance of an expert 

» You're tired of your lingering aches and pains

» Your doctor told you to do Pilates to strengthen your core

» You're nervous to try an in-person class


(Great, you're in the right place) 

Pilates has helped millions feel stronger & healthier,

it can help you too

We get it...

» You've scrolled Instagram & YouTube for all the free Pilates classes and you've gotten nowhere

» There's no convenient classes at your local studio (plus it gets expensive)

» You just want someone to tell you what to do and when to do it

» You want to trust your trainer is giving you the right cues for your body

» You want to feel confident that you're doing the moves right

10809 AW 30-B-M Alisa Wyatt [WEBSITE] Beginner Progression #2 STILL
Help I Can't Get Up In Roll Up, Teaser, Neck Pull
What you need is...

» A step-by-step plan to get you there

» An expert to help you along the way and answer all your questions

» Classes that progress with you and build your strength as you go

» Simple, friendly, do-able workouts that leave you smiling

» A program that demystifies Pilates & your body

This is the program I've used with my clients (from celebrities to grandmas) to get them into the best shape of their lives.

Now you can access it too...

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6-Week Intro to Pilates Program



Kickstart your Pilates practice with this step-by-step program that will transform how you move

When you complete this program, you will...
» Feel more freedom in your body
» Say goodbye to aching joints
» Wake up feeling energized
» Stand taller & radiate confidence
» Strengthen & tone your abs
» Enhance your longevity
» Improve your alignment and stay injury-free
» Watch how everything in your life just gets easier
» Discover the method that will keep you strong for the rest of your life
Pilates Self Assessment

The Pilatesology 6-Week Intro to Pilates Program will ease you into Pilates in a fun, encouraging way

10812A AW 30-B-M Alisa Wyatt [SA] Beginner Progression # 7 STILL
Start this program, and...
» Be guided step-by-step through a 6-week program to kickstart your practice
» Learn from Pilatesology founder, Alisa Wyatt, an expert in online teaching who has taught thousands of classes
» Access a curated series that unlocks the benefits of Pilates
» Discover the progressive nature of Classical Pilates and how it works for your individual needs
» See why Pilates is the #1 doctor recommended solution for body pain

See how this program positively impacted members of our community:

I'm on Class 8 now and my form has improved, I feel stronger and more confident.

Farrah T. Intro To Pilates Testimonial

Farrah T.

Pilates leaves me feeling confident and optimistic as well as strong and fit at 70. It is without doubt the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.

Daina Intro To Pilates testimonial

Daina H.

"I love how approachable Intro to Pilates is while gradually increasing the difficulty. The program's helped me build a good foundation as I work on being more consistent in my practice."

Maria R.

I’ve done years of Pilates on and off but this really helped me understand and refine what I’m doing after a while of not doing much at all. 

Ellie J.

Online Pilates Instructor


Intro To Pilates Program
/ One-Time Fee

What's included in your program:

↠ 6-weeks of progressive classes broken out into 3 phases to take at your own pace

↠ Your questions covered in troubleshooting videos taught by Pilatesology founder, Alisa Wyatt

↠ Email encouragement from Alisa to check in on your progress & keep you motivated

↠ Lifetime access to this program to come back to whenever you need!

↠ Fun, inspirational videos by Alisa that will teach you the classical method and get you started on your Pilates journey


Q: Is equipment required?

A: No! All you'll need for the program is a mat, chair and access to a wall.


Q: Do I need to be flexible to do this program?

A: No! You'll build flexibility in this program. It's a program that'll help you move at a pace that's comfortable for you.


Q: What's the difference between purchasing this program and your monthly/yearly membership?

A: This is a standalone program, so you don't have to commit to a monthly or yearly subscription. It's a great option if you're just getting started with Pilates and want to learn the exercises before making a commitment to your practice. After your program is done, we have amazing programs and classes in our membership to continue your journey and you'll get a discount code to join!


Q: My doctor says I need to avoid exercises with flexion, rotating, etc. Can I still do this program?

A: This program is probably not right for you. We have a ton of no-flexion options on Pilatesology through our membership; sign up here.


Q: How long do I get to keep the classes?

A: You get access to the program for 1 year.