Sweat & Flow Reformer Series

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Time Crunch Reformer

This workout is dedicated to all the busy parents out there who have a Reformer at home but not much time to use it. Alisa moves quickly, without rushing, through Romana’s classical intermediate order, keeping focused on form and smooth transitions throughout. This workout provides a full body workout that will challenge your stamina, concentration and control. Thanks go to Estelle—the busy mom who requested this workout.  
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Week 1

CLASS 1: Time Crunch Reformer (31 min) 

CLASS 2: Spring Into Action Reformer (28 min) 

Week 2

CLASS 1: NonStop Intermediate Reformer (32 min) 
Bob Liekens Pilatesology

CLASS 2: Reform(er) School Pilates (36 min) 

Week 3

CLASS 1: Magic Circle Reformer (30 min) 
tiziana trovati pilatesology

CLASS 2: Go For a Ride Reformer (41 min) 

Week 4

CLASS 1: Rock Solid Reformer (46 min) 

CLASS 2: Teachers Workout (60 min) 
lori coleman brown pilatesology

Week 5

CLASS 1: Backbending Reformer (50 min) 

CLASS 2: Gold Card Reformer (70 min)