14 Day Pilates At-Home Challenge INTERMEDIATE

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Definition Mat

If you're looking for definition, you are in the right place. Blossom Leilani Crawford leads this class with the kind of detailed precision that you'll feel for days! Your muscles will be more defined and perhaps more importantly, you'll get a complete understanding of what you're supposed to be working and why. This is a great class for early mornings or anytime you need to remember where your abs are. Enjoy! Visit Blossom at her studio Bridge Pilates.
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Week 1

Day 1: Definition Mat (33 min) 

Day 2: Supermodel Legs (26 min) 

Day 3: Rhythm Mat (35 min) 

Day 4: Midline Mat (29 min) 

Day 5: Pilates Legs in 20 (20 min) 

Day 6: Reformer on the Mat Expres (22 min) 

Day 7: Top to Bottom Mat (49 min) 
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Week 2

Day 1: The Power of 3 (20 min) 

Day 2: NonStop Mat with Zoë (26 min) 

Day 3: Arm Toning Mat (20 min) 

Day 4: Espresso Mat (13 min) 

Day 5: Intermediate Mat with Sonje (31 min) 

Day 6: Skinny Jeans Mat (59 min) 

Day 7: Favorite Mat (32 min)