14 Day Pilates At-Home Challenge BEGINNER

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Foundation Pilates

The mat is the foundation of Pilates and it was what Joe Pilates taught and created first. In this session, join Dorothee Vandewalle, one of the most highly regarded instructors in the world, as she takes her student Jed through the key exercises that establish a Pilates practice. These exercises are meant to be done every day to prepare the body for the demands of daily activity and they provide much more than a way to stay in shape—the basic Pilates mat is a prescription for lifelong vitality from childhood to old age. Without stopping the flow of the workout, Dorothee shares what the exercises are for and how to position your body for maximum benefit. Her hands on adjustments and specific cues bring a wealth of knowledge for both students and Pilates teachers to understand how these moves create the alignment, strength and control that Pilates is built on. Note that Dorothee uses a strap to stabilize Jed’s feet during several exercises, if you don’t have a strap at home, you can anchor your foot under a piece of furniture. This class was filmed at Dorothee Vandewalle’s studio and teacher training center, Metropolitain Pilates, in Seattle, WA.
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Week 1

Day 1: Foundation Pilates (15 min) 

Day 2: Pre-Pilates Workout with Sonjé (25 min) 

Day 3: Youth Serum Mat (21 min) 

Day 4: Standing Pilates Workout (20 min) 
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Day 5: Levitate Off Your Mat (30 min) 

Day 6: Stretchy Morning Mat (10 min) 

Day 7: Realign and Recover Mat (26 min) 
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Week 2

Day 1: Gentle Basic Mat (24 min) 

Day 2: Foundation Flow (28 min) 
Niedra Gabriel

Day 3: Low Back Pain Relief with MeJo (21 min) 

Day 4: ClassicFit Progression - Class 1 of 5 (43 min) 

Day 5: Restore Your Core Mat (35 min) 

Day 6: Step by Step Mat (24 min) 

Day 7: Pilates Mat Class at Jacob's Pillow (59 min) 
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