14 Day Pilates At-Home Challenge ADVANCED

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Star Mat

Ready for a fantastic workout? Kim Reis and her workout buddy Lucero Barry are here to make it fun and fast! Kim’s a master at making the hard stuff doable with her precise, easy-to-follow cues. Highlights that’ll improve your workout include: an advanced breathing pattern, several powerful side oblique strengtheners to correct imbalances in the torso, specific ways to use your eyes that assist and deepen exercises, how to use your heels to assist rolling up, a leg stretch to make kneeling side kicks easier, and a few of our favorite moves: the Side Bend with a Twist transitioned into Mermaid, the Star on the mat, and Romana’s special ending. Enjoy! Our thanks to Lucero Barry at Studio Reset in Portland, Oregon where this session was filmed. Visit Kim at www.kimreis.com.
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Week 1

Day 1: Star Mat (35 min) 

Day 2: Deep Core Strength (67 min) 

Day 3: Archival Mat (20 min) 

Day 4: Hot & Sweaty Mat (46 min) 

Day 5: All of It Mat (44 min) 

Day 6: Tiger Mat (47 min) 

Day 7: The Vertical Pelvis (45 min) 

Week 2

Day 1: Teachers Advanced Mat (43 min) 
Chris Blackburn

Day 2: Rhythmic Mat (37 min) 

Day 3: EmPowered Mat (49 min) 

Day 4: Powerhouse Attack (34 min) 

Day 5: Get it Done in 30 (30 min) 

Day 6: Advanced Morning Mat (50 min) 

Day 7: Return to Life Complete Workout (33 min)