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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be taught by two of our most extraordinary teachers !

victoria sonje live sessions

4-week LIVE CLASS Series!

8 Teacher-Only Classes with Sonjé Mayo & Victoria Torrie-Capan

✔️ Special opportunity to get expert eyes on you!

✔️ Lifetime access to class recordings

✔️ 8 LIVE, intimate classes every Monday & Wednesday at 11 am PT for 4 weeks

✔️ Learn inspiring teaching cues 

✔️ Join challenging, energizing workouts with like-minded teachers

    Personal Instruction from Sonjé Mayo

    Sonjé Mayo began her Pilates journey with Joseph Pilates himself in 1964 when Martha Graham insisted her students take his daily conditioning class. Her lessons with Mr. Pilates transformed the instability in her pelvis that plagued her dancing and changed her life forever.

    In Sonjé's classes you'll get:

    • An eagle-eye on your practice aimed at perfect alignment and deep core strength
    • Demanding workouts that will challenge you to the max
    • The opportunity to learn directly from a First Generation Teacher who knew Joseph Pilates

    Inspiration from Victoria Torrie-Capan

    If you're one of Victoria Torrie-Capan's legions of fans, you already know that her out-the-box teaching brings an incredible learning experience combined with a serious workout! Her workouts will give you ah-ha moments throughout and help you blast past any plateaus holding you back.

    Victoria's classes will bring you:

    • Powerful, targeted workouts that will make you shine
    • Brand new cues to inspire client breakthroughs
    • Fresh curiosity for what moves us as human beings

    See what past participants are saying...

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    / One-Time Fee
    / One-Time Fee

    Have Questions? 🎟

    ❓Why should I join?

    ✔️This is a unique chance to get to workout with two remarkable teachers,  Sonjé Mayo & Victoria Torrie-Capan with classes guaranteed to motivate, inspire, and get your a** kicked!


    ❓What are the dates & times of classes in LIVE SESSIONS?

    ✔️Starting on October 17, you'll have two classes per week via Zoom. Classes take place Mondays & Wednesdays at 11 am PT (Pacific Time). Zoom links will be sent out before class & will be the same link for each class. 


    ❓What if I can't make class live?

    ✔️Zoom recordings will be available after class. However, we recommend taking classes live whenever possible so you get a personalized experience with our amazing instructors.


    ❓How much does the LIVE SESSIONS package cost?

    ✔️This is a unique opportunity to be taught by Sonjé & Victoria in a progressive 4-week class series. We’ve priced our LIVE SESSIONS so you can join guilt free. At $399 for Pilatesology members, it amounts to only $50 per class ($449 for non-members). This is an investment in YOU that you won't forget!


    ❓What equipment and level will the classes be?

    ✔️The classes will be intermediate to advanced level and a full schedule of what equipment will be needed will be sent ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. (See the full schedule with all equipment needed in the Schedule graphic above this FAQ!)


    ❓What if I don’t have the equipment needed for class?

    ✔️If you don’t have the equipment, you can either skip the class or watch the recording when the equipment is available to you! If you don’t have key pieces of equipment, like a reformer, we will be holding another LIVE SESSIONS program later this year that will be all mat workouts - hang on until then! 


    ❓How many spots are available?

    ✔️We’re offering this program at LIMITED CAPACITY! So you’ll have a personalized experience with Sonjé & Victoria.


    ❓Can other instructors join me?

    ✔️YES & we encourage it! You can have fellow teachers join you in class a la carte. Reach out for more info.


    ❓How is this different from my Pilatesology membership?

    ✔️Our LIVE SESSIONS is a specially-curated add-on package separate from your membership. These live classes are for LIVE SESSIONS members only.