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Pilatesology Interactive Live Zoom Classes


You can now join us for live Zoom classes with our Pilatesology instructors.

With only 14 students max, these live classes let you meet and workout with your favorite teachers.


1. Sign up for class.

Click button for schedule and sign up.


2. Download Zoom.

Download Zoom on your phone or computer before your first class.

3. Join your class on Zoom and do Pilates with us!

You will receive an email from one hour before the start of class with your Zoom link. Join 10-15 minutes early to chat with a Pilatesology Interactive Manager.

4. Set up your workout area:

• Place your device sideways to your mat and high enough so your teacher can see all of you when lying down with arms overhead.

• It’s helpful to use a device that lets you adjust the camera angle easily – like a desktop or laptop computer.

• Check your class description and have any equipment ready (arm weights, theraband, towel, magic circle, etc.).



Contact us at

Melanie Petri | Program Director

How do I join the Zoom class?

One hour before the start of class, you will receive an email from with a personalized link to enter the class waiting room on Zoom. You will be able to join the class 10-15 minutes before it begins where you will be greeted by a Pilatesology Interactive manager to assist you in the waiting room. We recommend downloading the Zoom app on your computer before your first class. You do no need to create an account with Zoom.

What do I do if I don't receive an email to join the class?

The class link will be emailed to you from within an hour before class. We ask that you please be sure to check your spam and promotions folders to make sure you are enrolled in the correct class and you are using the same email you signed up with. If you are still unable to locate the email, you can email with the subject line “Interactive Class Help” for assistance.

What if I need to cancel my class?

There are no refunds, if you need to miss your class, please email to receive a Zoom link after the class takes place. The Zoom link will expire after 2 days.

Is Pilatesology Interactive part of my subscription plan? Do I need to be a Pilatesology member?

No, Pilatesology Interactive classes are a separate service from your Pilatesology subscription. You do not need a Pilatesology subscription to sign up for an Interactive class, anyone can pay for and join a class.

Do you offer class for free?

Pilatesology Interactive classes are not free but we do offer free online classes with our instructors on our Instagram and Facebook channels. Check our feeds for upcoming classes!

What do I do if I need help using Zoom?

Zoom is user-friendly! When you enter the meeting, a Pilatesology Interactive manager will be there to assist you with questions and issues. Simply click on the “chat” button at the bottom of your screen and when the chat box appears, you can message the manager.

Will everyone be able to see me in the class?

It is up to you, but if you would like the chance to have corrections from your teacher, you’ll want to have your video on. Your sound will be automatically muted upon entering the meeting and ask that you stay muted unless necessary to allow for the instructor to be heard.

Will Pilatesology Interactive classes appear on Pilatesology?

Yes! We are still in the beginning phase of this new feature but we plan on adding the Pilatesology Interactive classes on to the Pilatesology website. Once on the website you will be able to repeat your same class or explore other live classes in the archive.

If I miss my Interactive class do I have access to the recording?

Yes! If for some reason you are not able to attend your Interactive class please email Melanie here:

She will be able to provide the link to the recorded class for you 🙂