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Below is a growing list of our friends, studios and partners  ENJOY!


 Pilates Apparatus Manufacturer 

While Gratz is located in New york City, our equipment can be found in studios worldwide.  Teachers and students know the Gratz difference and consider our apparatus an indispensable part of their practice and we are proud to carry on the tradition and serve the Pilates community.  You can count on Gratz to protect Joseph Pilates’ vision by respecting the details of every item we produce.




Awesome Workout Clothes

 Designed to be just as versatile as you are, 15love activewear has an  ultra-soft yet supportive fit, and a spectrum of on-trend pops of color and styles with playful, interchangeable straps, and hints of femininity like a signature, subtle heart logo—it’s girly meets chic at the gym, in the studio, or on the street. 




 Toe socks by ToeSox are exercise for your feet™ whether worn during barefoot activities (with grip) or in shoes (no grip). From yoga socks and Pilates socks, to running socks and everyday socks. Our mission is to support your soles, while also supporting community and the environment.  




Solow Pilates Clothing 

 Function meet fashion! The attention to detail and softness of the fabrics sets SOLOW apart. Our signature Eclon performance fabric is wicking and Blue-Sign certified sustainable. We make silhouettes that wick, support and flatter. These silhouettes are for all types of athletic endeavors from pilates to yoga, spinning, hiking, running, core fusion, and everything in between.




 Kathy Ross Nash Studio 




 Alycea Ungaro Studio 

 Celeb trainer, author and wellness expert, Alycea Ungaro has created the ultimate Pilates training methods built around her 20 years of experience in industry. From Molly Sims and Madonna to stay-at-home Moms, she’s trained them all, giving solid, results-oriented workouts that produce healthy, strong bodies.



 Authentic Pilates Union 

 We aim to deliver news, articles, history and educational support to Pilates teachers and practitioners yearning to learn more.  We believe communication is critical to create community and as such this website is meant to become a networking tool to enhance our interaction with any and all interested in the work and philosophy of Joseph H Pilates.



Jay Grimes, Karen Frischmann & Sandy Shimoda Studio

 Led by Jay Grimes, master instructor and former student of Joe Pilates, our expert staff offers programs custom-fit to your schedule, your body, and your goals. Vintage Pilates is the place to go for top-flight continuing education or simply the best Pilates instruction around.


   Siri Dharma Galliano                                   

 Siri Dharma, the Founder and Director, combines personal service with the effective techniques of the classic New York Pilates Method of Physical Conditioning. Each student is analyzed and treated at their individual level of fitness and ability.



Tiziana Trovati Studio 


 All Trovati Pilates Works Instructors have been trained and certified by Romana Kryzanowska at the original school founded by Joseph H. Pilates. This demanding program requires that instructors complete a 600 hour apprenticeship prior to certification.


 Kara Wily Studio and Training 




MeJo Wiggin Studio

 MeJo had her own studio (MeJo Wiggin LLC) in central Greenwich Connecticut for over 13 years. She quickly became recognized by doctors and chiropractors for her ability to rehabilitate injuries through the Pilates Method. It was not uncommon for doctors from the prestigious New York Hospital for Special Surgery to refer their patients to MeJo. In addition, any professional athletes, celebrities, actresses and supermodels continue to seek MeJo’s hands-on sessions to keep their bodies in peak performance.



Brooke Siler Studio 

 Our innovative fitness programs educate and enlighten rather than offering empty instruction. There is nothing formulaic about our teaching nor factory-like about our studio. All sessions are tailored to your individual body using authentic Pilates principles to further enhance your fitness and weight loss goals. Pilates is gentle enough for the pregnant woman and challenging enough for the super fit. There is no physical pre-requisite to benefiting from Pilates – come as you are


Dorothee VandeWalle Studio


Metropolitan Pilates is an authentic Pilates studio in Seattle. Dedicated to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates, our studio is committed to delivering the best fitness instruction and always addressing our client’s fitness goals and previous injuries. Our workouts are designed to build strength, control, and flexibility. We are located in the University Village shopping center in north Seattle. We offer private and semi-private sessions, group classes, a teacher certification program, and continuing education for Pilates instructors.


PSI logo


Lauren Stephen Studio

 We are one of the only “True” Pilates teacher- training centers in the Northwest. We have a worldwide reputation for instructors that have been certified under our program. Instructors certified by our program are now working in studios all over the world, teaching Pilates as it should be taught, the Joseph Pilates way.




Chris Robinson Studio

 Chris is a purist, teaching the Pilates method as close to the original “Contrology” as possible. The way Joe intended. When teaching Functional Training, we apply traditional movement techniques with med balls, sandbags, kettlebells and body weight exercises to develop individualized programs that strengthen clients’ core muscle group (including the abdominal region, inner thighs and gluteous maximus). Each movement during a Core Coach training seesion is designed to help protect, lengthen and strengthen the spine.



 Romana’s Pilates Studio and Training

At Romana’s Pilates, the instructor will personalize a workout tailored to the individual’s needs and abilities, improving natural rhythm and coordination to feel and look one’s best. Regardless of age, gender or physical limitations, Pilates practioneers feel the difference in how they walk, play, work and, most importantly, how they live.



Lori Coleman Brown

 The clean and bright Atlas Pilates studio is fully equipped with traditional Pilates apparatus. Our emphasis on function means you’ll be able to focus on the work, and get the maximum benefit from our personally attentive Pilates instruction.




Victoria Torrie-Capan Studio

A studio focused on achieving more than a workout. Our teachers will help you redefine your body and movement and change the quality of your workout inside and out.


 Brett Howard Studio6821177

The Pilates Haus is Hudson County’s only fully equipped Authentic Pilates ™ studio located in historic downtown Jersey City, NJ, founded by Master Teacher, Brett Howard, in 2004.
The Pilates Haus is a training center of the United States Pilates Association ™, a licensee of the New York Pilates Studio ® Teacher Certification Program which is the first and oldest professional Pilates training program in the world. Only Authentic Pilates ™ certified instructors, who have completed 675 hours hands-on training program that Joseph Pilates deemed necessary, are teaching at the Pilates Haus.



Gina Pappalia Studio

Grasshopper Pilates Downtown was opened in September 2003 by professionally certified Pilates instructor Gina Papalia. Located in our new home in the heart of Soho, in a beautiful 2,000 square foot loft that is a fully equipped classical Pilates studio that includes three reformers, four wall units, 2 wunder chairs, a high chair, cadillac, pedi pole and a ladder barrel. We also have cardio equipment and more, see below for more information! The studio has been designed with a clean, simple modern sensibility that enhances the old-fashioned charm of a traditional high ceiling Soho loft space. Airy and light-filled, the ambience at Grasshopper Pilates Downtown is warm, gracious and welcoming, although the workout is functional, serious and challenging.





 Andrea Maida Studio

Andrea strives every day to teach the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning in its purest form and as it was originally intended, as ‘corrective exercise’. Joseph Pilates maintained that “‘Corrective Exercise’ is the only way to build a beautiful, strong, youthful body.” Clients can expect a vigorous, full-body workout personalized to the specific needs of their body. 
Pilates Andrea is a private studio equipped with the finest in professional Pilates apparatus,Gratz Pilates, Joseph Pilates’ original manufacturer.
  Hummingbird Pilates, a fully equipped classical Pilates studio offering mat classes, privates and semi-private lessons,  is located at 367 S Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills, California.


 Simona Cipriani at Purchase College
The Art of Control 
The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, as practiced at The Art of Control®, offers both individual and group training, independent work for experienced students, individual sessions at home for students otherwise unable to come to the studio, and group and individual Mat classes. There is also the opportunity for those dedicated to the method to become instructors.

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