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With a history of disc injuries, I used to “throw” my back out about three times per year, which greatly impacted my mobility and ability to work. Not to mention the emotional rollercoaster that came with these events… I knew I had to something, and fast! I was first introduced to Pilates by a physiotherapist who used it for rehabilitation, and I found an instant connection: I became passionate about looking at the body in a dynamic way. Since this introduction, I have undertaken clinical Pilates training, and continue to journey with Pilates to unite and maintain the integrity, strength, and efficiency my body has. I am excited to share my background and knowledge with my students to educate them on how integrated movement can reform the body into a well-oiled machine.

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Profile photo of Mai Holmes

Acuity Pilates Studio
2161 Maple St
Vancouver, BC V6J 3T4


Pilates Education: Clinical Pilates Instructor

Equipment: All

Years of Experience: 5

Languages Spoken: English