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Elisabet Prag has been a practitioner of the classical pilates method since 1984. After 3 years of intensively studying the method she became a certified instructor by Pilates International in London, one of Englands original pilates studios. After that she continued her studies with Stottpilates. Master Teacher Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Moses Urbano, Cary Regan, Michael Rooks, Alan Herdman and others have trained Elisabet over the years. She has a broad international insight in to the pilates method extending from Australia, through England, to the United States all the way to Canada. After all her years of studying the method she returned to the original, Traditional Pilates. Elisabet has studied at the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg and at the London Contemporary Dance School, The Place, one of the worlds leading schools of contemporary dance founded by the dancer/choreograph Martha Graham. She has performed professionally both in London and Stockholm. In addition, she has participated in plays and a variety of workshops. She is a certified Personal Trainer and nutrition counselor. In addition, she has studied human anatomy and applied kinesiology. Additionally Elisabet has studied meditation by Western spiritual master Barry Long, yoga, Alexander technique and psychology. Other commitments and projects Elisabet has been involved in are, Cullberg Ballet, Ballet Academy, World Class, Adidas and Best of the Best Convention, Kellogg’s, pilates video/book, education and the development of their own line of traditional pilates equipment. Fredrik Prag Fredrik\'s training in the pilates method was done the old school way, he trained and studied as an apprentice for three years in Pilates Scandinavia’s studio on Atlasgatan in Stockholm. Further studies followed in True Classical Pilates by Master Teacher Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Moses Urbano, Cary Regan, Michael Rooks and others. During 13 years Fredrik actively focused on professional athletics within highly established clubs such as Tureberg and Hellas, during one year succeeded to be in the top 10 at 100m in Sweden. He is a Healer and trained Kinesiologist at The Swedish Kinesiology School and has completed further studies at the Ackemann Institute. Fredrik is also an artist. He studied at Stockholm School of Arts and there after continued for 2 years at Nyckelvikskolan on Lidingö in order to get one step closer to his goal. At Forsbergs School of Graphic Design started a career as a Graphic designer. However his interest for the human body and its movements were far too great. After his time at Forsbergs School of Graphic Design he started and completed his training at The Swedish Kinesiology School and went on to become an assistant for Tor Dagerberg at the Kinesiology Clinic in Stockholm. After that he went on to open his own clinic for a few years. During a meeting with a client and his/her horses a new interest was piqued, horses. This interest later led to a training program at Axelssons Animal Massage School, Horse massage level 1 and 2. During a workshop Fredrik met German horse coach, Claus F. Hemphling and decided to study Claus’s method for one year in Denmark. Additionally Fredrik has held classes in meditation, practiced dance and written a Pilates book with Elisabet. Fredrik and Elisabet has created a pilates training program.


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Pilates Education: Pilates Center LTD London UK 1999 May 5th, The Red Tread, Romana\\\'s Bridge Program,

Equipment: Pilates Scandinavia

Years of Experience: 40

Languages Spoken: Swedish, English

I have been a member since: 2016