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Workouts to Get me from Intermediate to Advanced

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Hi there!  I have been doing intermediate for a while now.  Can you tell me the difference between intermediate & advanced & possibly suggest some gateway workouts to get me from intermediate to advanced?  Thanks!

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Thanks for being with us! The difference between Intermediate and Advanced is generally that we leave out exercises that roll the bodyweight onto the neck before the Advanced level. Also in Advanced, exercises are introduced that put body weight on 1 arm (Side Bend) and some become more complex like kneeling side kicks, full swan dive and more, plus the concept of flow is a much bigger focus so the workout will move more quickly in general.
Here's is our program Intermediate to Advanced Mat Progression
And the list below are great classes that will also help!
This one is advanced but Sonjé is very detailed in her descriptions so you'll get a lot of information:
These 2 with Niedra Gabriel introduces some Advanced moves really well:
This one with Kim Reis builds specific skills:
And this one with Kim Reis is advanced so you can see where all this is going:
This one is long but worth it because you'll learn some great tricks, this is advanced too:
This one with Victoria Torrie Capan feels great and is slow enough to learn from:
This one with Andrea Maida works on the flow and transitions needed for advanced:

Thanks for this great question, I'm going to add a blog post on this topic too!